About Us

I'm Drew, the owner of React Nutrition, and my brand was set up first and foremost due to a love of sport. I've played football, rugby, basketball, tennis, squash, and I've tried thai boxing and snowboarding, amongst other sports. I didn't say I've done any of them well, but sometimes its the taking part that counts, right ?

I'd used various supplements over the years, some really poor ones, some massively over priced, some sold by companies with terrible delivery options. I just thought I could do better, so React Nutrition was born out of a back bedroom, and I was there picking, packing and taking orders to the post office every day. As we grew so did stocks, until they outgrew the back bedroom, and something more was needed. 

Fast forward a few years, and we now have a warehouse near York, with Royal Mail and other couriers arriving daily to collect orders, which are still sent on a tracked service. We've still kept our determination to deliver a great service for customers through, and whether an order is going within the UK, Europe, Australia or the Solomon Islands (yes we have even delivered there!), we still try to get every order right.

As our service has developed, so has our product range and in 2017 we agreed to distribute Ascent Protein's products exclusively in the UK and Europe. They are a very successful US company, with a premium range of whey and casein protein, which has no artificial ingredients. This more natural, ingredient led product is key to our offering, as people become more aware of what they are taking.  

We'll continue to expand, and bring you more products, so whether you're a professional, or just as I was, an amateur who loves sport, you'll find something to help you on our site.